Saturday, 3 December 2011

Characteristics A University Student Should Possessed To Be Successful In Life

University is a place where a student continuing their studies after finishing high school . As we all see , in this world a lot of successful person such as a chairman of a well known company or even our current prime minister , are all a university graduate student . They all implifies a good characteristics in theirselves on their daily life in the university . What are the characteristics that current university student should possess in themselves ?

First of all , a university student should get organized . As a student , you will have no doubt that so much paperwork and homework are coming to you , it is important to have some system so you don't get overwhelmed . There is a lot of potential to get stressed out at a university , so having a well organized plan is key . Because you have so much freedom as to how you learn and study , it is so much important that you are able get organized .

Secondly , be responsible in anything and active . A successful student should get involves in their studies , accept responsibilities for their own education and always active in their studies . Being active in classroom participation will improves grades without increasing study time . During period of study in class , you must actively , listen , think and ask any question that you don't know .

Thirdly , takes good note of what the lecturer are teaching . Student should takes notes that are understandable and well organized , and always review them often . What you have written must be understandable for your use , if the notes that you have written are confuseable , ask you lecturer so you can improve the note . There's a quote's saying " the more you learn then , the less you have to learn later " . The purpose of taking note is to use them .

Lastly , manage your time well . In university we meet a lot of people . Different people always have different style/attitude . You have to set a timetable for studying and having fun time . But it's all depend on yourself , it's your own choice , either you can lead or be led by the time .

In conclusion , to be a successful student they should be determined an well committed to their studies . There's a saying , effort will never betray you to be successful in life , even if it betray you , it's because you aren't trying hard . So study hard , to be whta you want to be .

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